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Canteen of Northern California serves all industries looking to transform the way employees, customers, and staff can access quality foods and drinks.

Canteen of Northern California History

We pride ourselves as the leading unattended retail provider in Northern California. Our approach involves utilizing our design acumen, consumer knowledge, and cutting-edge product and equipment advancements to enhance your workplace and foster better connections among your employees. Whether your team seeks an energizing cup of coffee to kick-start their day, a fast and delicious meal, or the chance to indulge in their favorite snacks, Canteen is dedicated to providing all these options with utmost convenience and exceptional service.


Meet The Team!

Meet our friendly team & staff that’ll assist you 24/7!

Trey Dunia

Sales Manager

Trey Dunia has been with Canteen since 2002. Trey began his career with Canteen as the Food Service Director for Canteen at Santa Rosa Junior College. Soon thereafter was named Area Director for all cafeteria operations company wide.

After being promoted to Sales Manager, Trey spearheaded Canteen’s goal of being #1 in the micro-market sector in the North Bay. Trey has successfully sold and overseen the installation of over 30 micro-markets as well as hundreds of coffee and vending locations.

In his spare time he is a professional sports public address announcer and on-field emcee for local collegiate football, baseball, volleyball, hockey, softball and basketball teams. Let Trey show you exactly how to make your office refreshment area the best it can be.

Melissa Pavlos

Accounting & Office Manager

Melissa has been employed at Canteen Service since 2003. During this time, her role has evolved into a versatile and integral part of the company. You’ll often find her assisting customers, managing the office, handling accounting tasks, and lending a helping hand wherever it’s needed. The camaraderie she shares with her colleagues makes Canteen Service a lively and enjoyable place to be. It is not uncommon for someone to be sharing a joke or engaging in some light-hearted humor at Canteen Service.

Canteen Service is a multi-generational family-owned business. Melissa is a third-generation family member who grew up within the walls of Canteen Service. She cherishes this tradition and continues it with her own children.

Beyond her dedicated work life, Melissa finds joy in spending quality time with her two children and her husband. An active and health-conscious individual, she enjoys various forms of exercise and finds her happy place in the great outdoors. She also likes playing board games, reading, and watching movies.

Shaun Dayton

Operations Manager

With an impressive eight-year tenure at the Canteen of Northern California, I am a dedicated professional and proud third-generation member of our esteemed family business.

My expertise lies in the seamless integration of cutting-edge technology within our operations. I have played a pivotal role in introducing and managing various advancements, including innovative business software, efficient credit card readers, and state-of-the-art micro market kiosks.

Beyond technology, I hold a key position in the day-to-day operations, specifically focusing on micro markets, cooler cafes, and pantry programs. Through strategic oversight, I ensure the smooth functioning and success of these crucial facets of our business. My commitment to excellence extends beyond my familial connection, as I continuously strive to uphold and enhance the legacy of the Canteen of Northern California.

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